SMP Robotics presents the S8 Robot for Mosquitos Transmitting Diseases protection

Mosquitos are not only annoying. They bother you and your customers, and can be really dangerous. Mosquitos are transmitters of thousands dangerous diseases from malaria to extremely deleterious Zika fever. Thousands of people die every year because of diseases transmitted by mosquitos!

The most effective solutions in the mosquito control area provided by complex multi-directional electronical devices. They attract mosquitos by touching all their senses to a capture area where they will be trapped.

Such devices are effective. The only problem of traps is their limited coverage. What if you are responsible for really large lots, like a golf course, country club or resort? You can purchase many mosquito traps to cover the territory, but this will cost you a fortune. Now, there is a more cost effective and easy-to-use solution – combine hi-tech mosquito trap with self-moving autonomous robot!

Mobile Mosquito Control
S8 mosquito trap robot

SMP Robotics is proud to introduce the new S8 autonomous robot developed to fight mosquitos on large territories. It combines the latest inventions in the traditional mosquito control field with the mobility of a fully autonomous robotized moving platform.

You don’t need to use many mosquito traps anymore. The robot will catch mosquitos at the spot, then go to the next one, and so on. With only one robot you’ll increase the area coverage and effectiveness catching mosquitos by hundred times!

The robot moves autonomously along the set route avoiding any obstacles. Robot remembers the route and will follow it day and night in all weather conditions. If you need to adjust the route, it may be done in seconds. Once the battery power becomes low, the robot returns to a charging station automatically. Thanks to the optional wireless charging system the robot doesn’t require any supervision!

Sounds like a sci-fi story? No, it is the reality!
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