Affordable autonomous mobile robots

Application of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Robotics solutions for unmanned delivery, inspection and security

Currently, SMP Robotics offers more than a dozen models of robots for various purposes. Most robot models are designed to provide security and carry out surveillance.

The Security Surveillance robot Picard is ideal for AI video surveillance of outdoor areas. The Security Patrol robot Prompt can provide autonomous supervision of fence lines. The Thermal Security surveillance robot Argus is equipped with a bi spectrum video control system that can perform mobile surveillance of well-lit places in restricted areas. Models of dual-use robots have been designed based on the basic S5.2 robot model that performs autonomous surveillance and patrols. They are capable of coping with additional challenges. For example, the S5 GD Robot can take measurements of chemicals in the atmosphere. The S5 ALPR Robot is equipped with an automatic vehicle license plate recognition system. At the customer’s request, the S5 series robots can be quickly customized with additional equipment at minimum additional cost.

To protect farmland against pests, there are S4 Bird Control Robots. This series consists of three models that use different methods to scare away birds. They can all protect orchards and cultivated fields from flocks of birds in automatic mode, with little or no human intervention.

The S8 series robots are equipped with mosquito traps. With news reports of a spreading Zika virus problem, mosquitos are now bad for employee morale, business, and health. The S8 robots allow a certain area to be reliably cleansed of these dangerous, blood-sucking insects that cause discomfort for people and can carry diseases.

The S4 robot in development can conduct thermal surveys at industrial facilities. Two models of S6 series robots are also being developed that can search for gas leaks in above-ground and underground pipelines.

Currently, supplied robot models drive labor productivity with automation. This primarily includes tasks related to movement of equipment along a recurrent programmed route on open spaces.

Autonomous mobile robots are largely more cost-efficient compared to human labor, which allows for a greatly expanded list of economically feasible services. This is because most of the currently demanded services were originally offered with the cost of human labor in mind, rather than creating an affordable robot. It is also important that a single operator can manage multiple robots at the same time. Thanks to modern communication technologies, the robots’ performance can be controlled remotely. In the near future, the service market is expected to experience drastic changes, due to the increased availability of mobile robots. Soon, the most economically attractive and advantageous use for the autonomous robots will be seen in the tailor-made tasks based in the reality of our increasingly robotized global environment and its emerging brand-new markets.


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