Gas leak inspection robot


Oil and Gas leak inspection robot

Gas and Oil leak inspection robot

Remote detection and localization of gas leaks

Inspection Robots Invade Oil and Gas Space

Detection of gas leaks is critical to ensuring the safety of human life and equipment investments at large industrial and public sites.

Gas leaks can be discovered by stationary gas sensors; however, manual inspection is much more effective. Trained staff members can inspect and scan gas equipment and pipes with a gas leak detector.

The S6 robot is designed for automated mobile inspection of oil and gas infrastructure sites and remote detection and isolation of gas leaks.

In automated mode, the robot travels along a pre-determined route and remotely analyzes the gas concentration in close proximity to potential leak points. The gas concentration measurement is performed with a laser beam using the Absorption Spectroscopy method. Because point measurement is used, the device is installed on a moving platform with three degrees of freedom.

Gas leak detection robotQuick and precisely accurate scanning is the result of the S6’s gyro-stabilized platform. The moving platform also has two cameras (for visible light and infrared spectrum) that create a two-spectral image of the leak and help to precisely locate it on the equipment. The image from these cameras, along with the measurement data obtained by the remote gas leak scanner, is transmitted to the operator via WiFi.

If gas concentration is high, the operator is alerted.

The S6 Gas Leak Detection and Isolation Robot is designed for regular inspection of gas infrastructure at minimal cost and without direct human input. To ensure best results and account for wind, the mobile robot is equipped with an anemometer.

This highly reliable robot is designed for use at sparsely staffed sites or unmanned gas stations. It helps to detect hidden risks promptly, thus preventing immeasurably greater potential damages.

Experience in operating an autonomous mobile robot at a petrochemical plant

Underground natural gas pipeline leak detection

The A6 OMD robot, equipped with an optical methane detector, is a perfect solution for underground pipeline gas leak detection. While moving, the robot scans an area of about 6.5 feet wide. Necessary measurements are performed with a close-to-earth scanning beam, which minimizes the impact of wind on the gas concentration. The onboard satellite navigation system ensures an accurate alignment of the robot’s cruise route with the underground gas pipeline corridor. The measurement readings are combined with GPS location data to make up a gas inspection map for a pipeline of any length.

Underground natural gas pipeline leak detection robot

Underground natural gas pipeline leak detection robot

Gas and Oil leak inspection robot


Petrochemical manufacturer

Compressor station inspections

Plant and industrial Inspections

Gas distribution networks

Gathering pipelines

Underground natural gas pipeline leak detections

Key features

Unmanned gas leak detections

Detection Method – Laser

Absorption spectroscopy

Locates methane up to 33 yards away

Infrared gas detection camera

Gyro-stabilized sensor platform

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Gas Leak Detection Robot
Gas leak inspection robot