Academy of autonomous mobile robots

Training in the use of robots for security

Security by robots is a new security solution. However, their use implies interaction with security guards and existing technical video surveillance and alarm systems. The training tells how to use robots with the most efficiency. Practical examples demonstrate the interaction of patrolling robots and a response team. Describes how to monitor the work of robots and personnel.

Training “Organization of protection of territories with SMP Robotics security robots”

Target audience for the training:

  • Security chiefs
  • Security robot operators
  • End-users of security robots

Training objectives:

  • Demonstration of real operation of the robot
  • Integration of the robot into the existing security system
  • Organization of interaction between guards and robots

Training topics:

  • Patrol routes and observation positions
  • Intelligent video surveillance system of the security robot
  • Integration of the security robot into a security system
  • Voice messages and alerts
  • Safe use of security robot
  • Components of a robotic security system
  • General operation and maintenance
  • Reliability and resource of inspection robots
  • Identification of core causes of downtime and solutions to avoid them

General information about the course: “Organization of protection of territories using security robots SMP Robotics”

Duration: 1-day standard, 3 days extended with a final test and the issuance of an Autonomous Mobile Robot operator certificate. The certificate entitles you to purchase SMP Robotics equipment on special conditions.

Number of people in a group: up to 6 (six)

SMP certificate manager

Companies that have paid for the training of their employees are entitled to a discount equal to the cost of training in case of successful passing of the trainee exams and received a certificate

Application for participation in the training “Organization of protection of territories using security robots SMP Robotics”

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