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Security robot S5 is an effective solution for automatic round-the-clock patrolling of secured areas. In support of this reliable assistant, easily programmable software powers an onboard mobile video surveillance system, which continuously patrols around secured objects and performs video surveillance from different vantage points.



An opportunity to lease S5 security guard robots will allow your company to become more flexible and quickly adjust to changes in demand on the market of security services. It will enable your company to patrol secured objects without hiring additional employees, reduce costs associated with salaries, evaluate efficiency of security robots during real life performance and make an informed decision about purchasing robots in the future.

A leasing contract involves a professional installation of robots in the secured area, deployment of wireless Wi-Fi, training of security stuff regarding the usage details of daily operations, and remote control of the technical state of the robot by professional technicians. Trained technical stuff that has access to operations of the secured area can solve various problems as they occur. This might be especially important at the initial stage of implementation of security robots because the patrolling route may require adjustments.

Currently, a network of maintenance centers just started to develop. In the nearest future, one of the centers will start operating in the immediate vicinity of your secured object.

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