Air quality monitoring robot

Air Quality-Monitoring Robot

Mobile air quality monitoring robot

Monitoring the environment and keeping it clean is an integral part of the 17 sustainable development goals proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2015.
Autonomous mobile robots equipped with an atmospheric composition analyzer make it possible to control the concentration of emissions of harmful substances of industrial origin into the atmosphere and measure the concentration of carbon dioxide.
The control of harmful substances provides monitoring of environmental pollution. Measurement of CO2 concentration helps to prevent global warming caused by anthropogenic factors.

The mission of “SMP Robotics” in the development of a sustainable development

SMP Robotics develops and supplies autonomous mobile robots for the automation of industrial enterprises and factories.
Autonomous mobile robots can reduce the number of working staff by transferring most of them to remote work. Robots reduce the use of vehicles with internal combustion engines. Moreover, both when moving personnel to perform their official duties, and when they travel to and from work. It is estimated that, depending on the industries of use, one autonomous SMP Robotics robot can reduce greenhouse gas emissions per workplace by three to four times.
With electric drive, fully autonomous operation and long service life, SMP Robotics robots can make a significant contribution to a sustainable future.

One robot replaces several stationary air quality monitoring stations

The widespread introduction of autonomous mobile eco-robots makes it possible to carry out measurements over vast territories. Unlike stationary monitoring stations for atmospheric control, eco robots take measurements along the entire path of their movement. The ability to manage travel routes allows you to send a robot based on the current weather situation, wind direction, finding a shadow, local gas pollution.
Autonomous mobile robots equipped with air monitoring stations are designed to obtain reliable information on anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions at a much lower cost, but with much greater detail than stationary air pollution monitoring stations.

Solution for Emerging Economies

The reasonable price of the Eco robot, along with high efficiency due to the coverage of large areas, contributes to its widespread introduction in different countries of the world. This is especially true for developing countries with limited budgets for environmental protection.
The efficiency of the robot makes it possible to recommend it for widespread implementation, and the data supplied by it will serve as excellent material for compiling real maps of atmospheric pollution and combating the anthropogenic impact of greenhouse gases on the planet’s ecology.

Carbon dioxide monitor robot

Solar battery for long term environmental monitoring

Long-term operation of the pollution monitoring system installed on the robot is provided by an onboard solar battery. This allows the robot to be used in uninhabited areas and remote autonomous objects. An integrated security system will protect it from theft and vandalism. This feature allows the use of the eco robot for scientific research in remote and semi-desert areas. Get previously unavailable data for weather and climate research. Blame the factors of anthropogenic impact on the climate of the planet.

API for science and research

A pair of eco-robots is capable to provide round-the-clock monitoring of the territory of a large enterprise, to provide measurements around the entire perimeter around it. Takes measurements both day and night, send data online. The software allows you to quickly change the route of movement. The eco robot API makes it possible to interact with external programs for predicting the places of the greatest pollution, depending on external factors.
The API provided by SMP Robotics allows third-party environmental scientists to develop external, knowledge-intensive applications for predicting and processing data on the ecological state of the atmosphere.

Custom Eco Robot Manufacturing

SMP Robotics supplies robots both already equipped with an atmospheric monitoring device and prepared robots designed for self-installation of measuring equipment. SMP Robotics performs work on the integration of new models of atmospheric pollution analyzers into robot systems.

Optionally, the robot can be equipped with a noise, dust, radiation level sensor and a weather station

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