Robots for HazMat operations

HAZMAT operations Robot

Gas detector robot S6.2 is able to perform remote inspection tasks in industrial facilities without having to access hazardous areas directly. Operations are not requiring any human presence.


The monitoring processes based on state-of-the-art measuring and automation technology as well as robotics promises improvement in the reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of inspections. At the same time, it relieves technical personnel of monotonous, time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks.

HazMat Robot

SMP Robotics Systems Corp. is proud to present new modification of the security robot Rover S5 Hazmat designed to work in hazardous environments.
This is perfect independent robot to collect information about air pollutants, temperature and radiation.

In addition to the standard set of cameras, Rover S5 Hazmat are equipped with special gas analyzers, temperature and radiation detectors, and other devices on the customer’s order.

hazmat inspection

Alarm systems only triggered if some parameters of the environment is not normal. Staff are not required to monitor the process all the time.

Our system developed not only for economic reasons, but also with regard to relieving humans from repetitive routine tasks and improving coverage of the wide range of inspection tasks.


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