Academy of autonomous mobile robots

Training “Autonomous mobile robots: installation, operation, maintenance, and repair”

This course combines an operator and technical course to give students a complete understanding of all series of SMP Robotics robot systems, both with software and hardware. This course also describes the method of launching a new robot and issues associated with connecting and setting up robots with an existing system.

Target audience for the training:

  • Service engineers of Autonomous Mobile Robots (security and inspection robots)
  • Installers of Autonomous Mobile Robots (security and inspection robots)
  • Operators of large groups of security robots
  • Security system designers

Requirements for trainees:

  • Basic knowledge in the field of electronics, programming, network administration
  • Professional knowledge in automotive electronics, auto repair, and maintenance are welcomed

After completing the training, the technician will be able to:

    • Install Autonomous Mobile Robots

    • Remotely manage routes and robots

    • Conduct testing of the technical condition of all security or inspection robotic systems

    • Find common problems and fix them

    • Replace robot components

    • Properly form a request to SMP Robotics technical support service

Training Topics:

  • Assembly of the Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • GPS base station installation and setup
  • Setting up navigation routes
  • Features of the software for setting up routes
  • Network settings and network structure of the Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • Connected navigation routes
  • Installation of Automatic Charging Station
  • Setting points of interest and observation points
  • Determining the side to avoid obstacles
  • Renaming of patrol routes
  • Transferring routes between robots
  • Connecting video streams to ONVIF VMS
  • Setting up a patrol schedule
  • Adding new robot operators
  • Configuring alerts from an Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot maintenance
  • Troubleshooting of the Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • Repairing of the Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • Filling in the installation passport
  • Safe use of the Autonomous Mobile Robots

General information about the course: “Autonomous mobile robots: installation, operation, maintenance, and repair”

The duration of the training is 5 days. On the final day of the training, testing is carried out. According to the number of points scored, one of three qualifications is assigned. If the number of points scored is insufficient, a document on the course attendance is issued. The assignment of qualifications is confirmed by an international certificate. The certificate entitles you to a one-time purchase of SMP Robotics equipment under special conditions.

Number of people in a group: up to 4

SMP certificate AMR

Companies that have paid for the training of their employees are entitled to a discount equal to the cost of training in case of successful passing of the trainee exams (having a personal certificate). Upon receiving the certificate of the highest qualification, the minimum quota (3 pcs for 2021) can be reduced.

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