From UGV to a Swarm of Space Rovers

SMP Robotics originated in 2010. The Company is dedicated to research and development of Unmanned Ground Vehicles for civil use.

Before the Company was set up, its core engineers had been engaged in the development of intelligent security surveillance systems and embedded video processing solutions. So, a security robot came to be the first product on which the Company focused its efforts. In engineering a security robot, we created and scrutinized six different robot chassis models for various operating conditions. This helped us gain valuable experience of robot utilization under varying conditions.

Serial production of autonomous mobile robots

Nowadays, SMP Robotics is proud to offer a hi-tech integrated pilot factory. It has in place multiple processes, such as CNC, welding, laser cutting, bending, 3D printing, panting, SMT assembly. The factory capabilities enable small-batch production and prompt handling of pilot work. In-house manufacturing is a perfect base for refining robot production prior to its transfer to a batch production facility. Licensing a robot production to a major contract manufacturer is the priority for the Company.

Research and development of mobile robots

In the immediate future, we intend to develop a series of robots for extreme operating conditions. Reliable Unmanned Ground Vehicles for civil use, able to substitute a human being at high temperatures and scorching sun, pose a serious challenge for our engineers. However, routine operations in extreme environments make the true purpose of robots.

Most of the Company’s engineers are focused on software development. To date, we have completed the software stack that ensures autonomous motion of robots. In the near future, we will switch main software development efforts to human-to-robot and robot-to-robot interaction.

Development of group behavior algorithms will enable to create robot motion control systems that use no external navigation systems. This is a sound groundwork for making the robots that are able to operate in other planets.

Terraforming planet and swarms robots

During next three years, SMP Robotics plans to embark on development of a space rover concept. Using the experience of batch-produced robots on earth and software best practices, SMP Robotics expects to create in a very short time a transportation robot for exploration and reconnaissance of the Moon and Mars terrains. A wing of Lunar or Martian rovers for multiple applications will enable to reliably and autonomously explore and develop other planets.

SMP Robotics is open for investments in space rover development. Our team members are confident that investments in space industry make the best use of money for the time being. Planet exploration rovers make a most significant field in the industry.

Best product for serial manufacturers in 2019 – Mobile robot S5.2

Best product for serial manufacturers in 2019 - Mobile robot S5.2