Mobile robots manufacturing

SMP Robotics is a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots, an international corporation with its headquarters in California. We have offices in several countries. An international corporation can successfully benefit from the unique economic advantages presented by operating in various countries, as well as from the specific attributes of a country’s diverse personnel. Having a range of geographic locations for its offices allows for real-world pilot testing of how the robots operate in various climatic conditions.

The company started to design robots in 2009, due to a growing demand out of the security services sector for mobile video surveillance operation at large facilities. As of now, proprietary technology in the field of mobile robotics is securely protected by more than ten patents.

The main goal of SMP Robotics is to create and expand a market segment of a totally new class of goods: small-sized autonomous commercial robots. In order to accomplish this, the company is building reliable and mutually beneficial relationships with partners in various countries around the world.

Serial production of autonomous mobile robots

The structure of SMP Robotics Corporation includes an assembly plant. The plant was set up solely for the purposes of mobile robots manufacturing, allowing for high-quality production within manageable time frames.

The plant assembles electronic modules using their constituent electronic components. The manufacture of electronics is a process that carries a lot of responsibility, one that determines how reliably a robot will function under conditions of long-term use. The installation and soldering of electronic components is done on fully automatic, high-tech SMT assembly lines. The installation of the modules and the robot’s final assembly is completed using a multi-station method. The products undergo final inspections on test benches and by running a daily operating cycle.

The manufacturing processes used in the plant are certified according to ISO 9001.

Research and development of mobile robots

SMP Robotics produces robots of its own design. Research and development is carried out in a department with more than 40 engineers from different fields. Among them are experienced motor vehicle designers, scientists in the field of mathematics, electronics engineers, and system integration programmers. The SMP Robotics Corporation owns a Research and Technology Center that allows us to continually improve the products produced and create new ones. The R&D department conducts research in order to develop technology for automated mobile robot traffic control based on computer vision systems.

Field testing of autonomous mobile robots plays an important role in the department’s work, and for this purpose, it has its own proving ground.

The R&D department accepts orders to develop new robot models for future mass production at the Corporation’s plants.

Distribution of autonomous mobile robots

All sales of SMP Robotics’ autonomous mobile robots are executed exclusively through the company’s distributors. Operational support for robots that have already been sold is provided by the local distributors. The close proximity of the technical support department to the facility where the robots are used ensures the uninterrupted operation of the autonomous mobile robots.

SMP Robotics holds special trainings for technical experts who provide operational support for the robots. The engineers who have passed the training sessions are in constant contact with SMP Robotics applications engineers. Close cooperation between the manufacturer and the distributor allows for the quick elimination of any potential downtime for the successfully operating autonomous mobile robots.

In order to quickly replace failed components, the manufacturer maintains regional spare parts warehouses.