From UGV to a Swarm of Space Rovers

Company mission and strategy

SMP Robotics aims to replace people who work in open-air areas with robots. Employees working night shifts will be replaced first. Then, robots will replace the people that work in harsh climatic conditions, or in extreme heat or cold. Robots will fly to other planets, and do work in environments with huge temperature fluctuations, or where there is no atmosphere.

In order to achieve this goal, the company is fine-tuning its software and hardware solutions for security robots that are widely used in the mass market. These tested, highly reliable components will be installed in new robots that are being created for local market segments. This will allow us to offer reliable solutions at very competitive prices.

Past: 10 years of autonomous mobile robot development, from prototype to serial production

SMP Robotics was founded in 2010. The company’s goal was to define the development of autonomous mobile robots as a separate industry. In order to finance the development process, private investments were brought in. Technological capabilities were provided by a manufacturing facility, where electronic equipment is assembled under contracts. SMP Robotics key engineering staff was composed of specialists from the R&D division of the parent company, SMP. SMP is a company with a 30-year history. It specializes in the production of RF and CCTV equipment. In 2019, the S5.2 series security robots developed by SMP Robotics were put into production on a commercial scale. That same year, development work on OEM components for inspection robots based on the S5.2 series was successfully completed. The company’s customers are global business leaders in the energy sector.

Present: Security robots are becoming more widespread

Autonomous mobile robots manufactured by SMP Robotics hold leading positions in the market for security robots. SMP Robotics supplies its products to the innovative leaders of the global economy, Eni, Microsoft, Saudi Electric Company, Komatsu, Westrac, Southern Program Alliance, Covalent Lithium, Gucci US.

Currently, more than 40 engineers work in the company’s R&D department. The same number of specialists work in the commercial department, installation supervision, and technical support departments. The robots are manufactured at the parent company’s manufacturing facility. Company divisions are located in three countries. The security and inspection robots produced by the company are operated in 12 countries around the world.

Future: Space rover for moon scouting

The experience SMP Robotics has gained in the process of developing autonomous, unmanned ground vehicles intended for use on the Earth’s surface will be extremely helpful in designing space rovers.

At the moment, SMP Robotics is focused on developing the concept of a rover series, which will be used to do work scouting and mining on the Moon. The project is economically feasible, and has an extremely high rate of return on investment. This project, when realized, will help the price of space travel to Mars and other planets in the solar system.

At the initial stage, route calculation algorithms will be tested and fine-tuned; for that, only visual means will be used. Route calculation is performed automatically, with no assistance from personnel or an external navigation system. Besides that, the company is putting forth great efforts into developing group robot interaction algorithms and AI elements intended to be used in decision-making processes.

At present, the company is open to investments. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions relating to investment options.