Security robots distribution

Become a security robots distributor and receive monthly payments for 24/7 technical support and service


Distribution and servicing of security robots

Security robots present a wide range of opportunities within different applications. Robots are reliable for ensuring the safety of industrial and transportation facilities, seaports, recreation centers, and any areas of the private sector. Such a wide range of usage possibilities will lead to some major changes in how security market enterprises are going to operate. The new way of operations will open up a broad range of opportunities for the successful promotion of robotic systems.

Robot – a complex technical device that requires professional installation, training of security staff, infrastructure support, and regular maintenance. Moreover, it is critical for any end-users to ensure prompt resolution of all technical problems, which is possible only if the maintenance center and service technicians are located in the immediate vicinity of the secured property area. Therefore, the idea of selling robots is closely connected to the idea of providing maintenance services. These two objectives are interrelated, and their primary purpose is to meet the needs of sophisticated customers.

The requirement of a nearby maintenance center is likely to create a competitive advantage and present a barrier for global security companies to enter local markets. If you are interested in learning more about these business ideas, please fill out the form and we will share information with you about potential customers in your region.

Who is an ‘SMP Robotics distributor’

Any company that employs technical experts capable of ensuring a robot’s seamless and continuous onsite operation can become our partner and product distributor.

To ensure smooth and low-cost resolutions of all issues related to the onsite operation of robots, the distributor should:

  • Be located in the immediate vicinity of the operational facility;
  • Participate in a training course at SMP Robotics and confirm qualifications to operate new robot models on an annual basis;
  • Be familiar with user and service software;
  • Carry out regular onsite technical maintenance and minor repairs of robots.

To meet these challenges, our company provides round-the-clock technical support.

Robot as a Service

The use of robots allows a significant reduction in service personnel. Traditionally, service activities involve bringing in a number of onsite operational personnel and their supervisor. With robots, one expert will arrive, activate a dozen of them, and monitor their performance. Unlike humans, robots’ performance does not depend on mood or attentiveness. With robots, a single highly qualified expert can carry out very large tasks.

How can a distributor make a profit if end-user buy security robots?

  • The distributor gets a discount when buying robots from the SMP Robotics.
  • The distributor receives a monthly fee from the end-user for technical supporting the operation of robots.
  • The distributor receives a fee for installing robots in the area of end-user.
  • The distributor receives a fee for the maintenance and extension of the life of the robot.

How can a distributor make a profit if security robots are bought by himself?

  • The distributor receives a monthly robot rental fee from the end-user.
  • The distributor receives a fee for installing robots in the area of end-user.
  • The distributor receives additional monthly payments when extending the life of the robot.

Purchase security robots for leasing

If you ready to offer security patrol services to your existing and new customers, you should buy at least three robots. SMP Robotics Systems Corp. specialists will provide training for your employees at the facility of your choice, and install equipment on it together with your specialists. Further, on, your technical staff will be able to install the robots and maintain them without any assistance. Repeat buyers become eligible for a cumulative distributor discount and 24/7 technical support service.

Buy security robots

security patrol robots distribution


  • 24/7 monitoring of technical systems of robots
  • Technical support of local technical service
  • Upgrade software

LOCAL TECHNICAL SERVICE: Distributer of security robots

  • 24/7 technical monitoring of security robots patrolling
  • Technical support of security officers
  • Installation, regular maintenance and preparing on demand


  • Supervising of security robots patrolling
  • Online video surveillance through VMS
  • Emergency response

What object do you plan to protect with security robots:
 Critical infrastructure Industrial plants Oil and gas facilities Electrical substation Solar farm Airports Seaports Warehouse yards Correctional Facilities Water supply areas Data centers Gated communities Resorts Golf clubs Campuses Vacant property

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