Academy of autonomous mobile robots

Training “Operation of inspection robots for thermal, gas, and acoustic monitoring”

Remote inspection of industrial equipment located in the open air through SMP Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

Target audience for the training:

  • Operation managers
  • Tomography specialists
  • Gas control specialists
  • Heads of technical supervision services

Training objectives:

  • Demonstration of operation of the autonomous inspection robot

  • Teaching remote thermography by means a controlled video camera

  • Training in remote monitoring of the gaseous environment and the atmosphere

  • Acoustic observation training for oil, gas, and chemical equipment

  • Possibilities to integrate the robot into a remote diagnostics and alarm system

Training Topics:

  • Navigation routes and points of interest
  • Control of Infrared Thermography PTZ camera
  • Multi-Gas Analyzer of Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • The acoustic monitoring system of robot
  • Integration of the inspection robot into diagnostics system of site
  • Features of remote inspection of uninhabited sites
  • Setting up inspection routes
  • Setting up a robot schedule
  • Safe use of robots
  • Work of the robot in conditions of emergency de-energization of the site.
  • Components of a robotic inspection system
  • General operation and maintenance
  • Reliability and resource of inspection robots
  • Identification of core causes of downtime and solutions to avoid them

Workshop on practical thermography and gas monitoring

One day of the course is devoted to a visit to an industrial facility equipped with an inspection robot. The robot is in constant, long-term operation. The robot is integrated into the technological system of the enterprise. The workshop is produced in an oil and gas industry plant.

General Information about the course “Operation of inspection robots for thermal, gas, and acoustic monitoring”

Duration: 3 days standard, 4 days extended with final exam, and the issuance of a certificate of the operator of the inspection robot. On the final day of the training, testing is carried out. According to the number of points scored, one of two qualifications is assigned. If the number of points scored is insufficient, a document on the course attendance is issued. The assignment of qualifications is confirmed by an international certificate.

Number of people in a group: up to 4

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