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S5.1 Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle
The Most Advanced Outdoor Security Robot

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Key Features:

  • Swarm Intelligence for the reliable group patrolling of large areas
  • Obstacle Avoidance and anti-collision system
  • Overcome obstacle up to 7 inches
  • Panic button and two way audio intercom
  • Easy Integration with VMS central monitor systems (such Milestone etc.)
  • 100% ONVIF standards support
  • Self-Diagnostic Systems
  • Remote robot monitoring systems 24/7
  • Fully autonomous patrolling
  • Panoramic Video Surveillance System with PTZ camera
  • Deep Leaning for human recognition in the cameras’ observation range
  • Intelligent Security: recognition of staff members by uniforms
  • Cloud Data integration
  • Up to 20 hours of autonomous patrolling
  • Enough Ingress Protection for outdoor application
  • Operating in the temperature range -12° F … +112° F
  • Automatic Recharging system
  • IP 65 water and dust resistance

Business opportunity:

  • Quick payback of the investment: within 6 months of operations of the 50 robots fleet
  • Easy implementation and 24/7 virtual monitoring of the robots by the manufacturer
  • Trainings for the technical staff of the operating company
  • Ideal product for a security service company provided on the leasing basis

Custom Robotics Solutions


Thermal inspection robot - Electrical Substation inspection

Dual-Spectrum Thermal Imaging Camera for nonstop monitoring of critical infrastructure


Bird control robot - Ultrasonic acoustic bird control

Three different models
with a propane gun,
motion laser, and
bio-acoustic sound system.


Gas detection robot - Area perimeter gas monitoring

Mobile gas monitor and surveillance systems. Various multi-gas detectors.
Long-life autonomous operation.

License Plate

Plate recognition robot - automatic license plate recognition

Mobile ALPR and surveillance systems. Determine the location of a parked vehicle with the onboard camera-equipped database system.

Remote Detection
and Localization
of Gas Leaks

Gas leaks detection robot - underground_gas pipeline leak detection

Autonomous pipeline monitoring. Unmanned gas leak detection. Absorption spectroscopy detection method.

Telepresence for
Virtual Tourism

Telepresence robot - Outdoor telepresence

Fully immersive through stereo cameras placed on a mechanical platform with three degrees of freedom.

Mosquito Trap

Mosquito trap robot - mosquito control

Mobile trap provides safe insect control. Smart movement around the area. Remote monitoring and autonomous operation.


Agricultural robot - agricultural sprayer

Autonomous vehicle for greenhouse spraying as unmanned systems for regular pest control.

Autonomous mobile robot

Outdoor Robots

Coming soon

Contained Field
Deployment System

Containerised field deployment for UGV
Mobile robotics division
Fast deployment
Diesel- or solar-powered charging station
Creates a framework for autonomous performance of up to 30 UGVs
Reduces complexity of swarm
robotics deployment
Low-power MESH routers
Two bands: 2.4GHz & 5GHz

Cloud portal

Cloud portal mobile robots
Cloud-archived storage for
video and audio
Load maps even when deviating
from the route
Online facial recognition system

Satellite data link

Civil UGV
Thuraya satellite network
Speeds of up to 384 kbps
Auto-tracking antenna
Retransmits the data in a group of robots

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