New series 2020 security robots

Robotic guards for patrolling and security of:

Security robot S5.2

Security Robot S5.2 Key Features:

  • Fully autonomous patrolling 24/7
  • AI in Swarm Intelligence for the group patrolling of large areas
  • Deep Leaning for human recognition in the cameras’ observation range
  • Obstacle Avoidance and anti-collision system
  • Panoramic Video Surveillance System with PTZ camera
  • Facial recognition up to 50 meters
  • Easy Integration with ONVIF VMS Genetec, Milestone, Avigilon, Macroscop etc.
  • Virtual monitoring systems 24/7
  • Model with Thermal Surveillance Systems
  • IP intercom and Alarm button
  • Operating in the temperature range -25°C … +55°C
  • Automatic Recharging system
  • IP 65 water and dust resistance


Face and mask detection robot for public area application

Face mask detection robot


Thermal surveillance robot for professional security

Thermal security robots
  • Mobile Bi spectrum PTZ video surveillance.
  • Detecting people within a 200m radius.
  • Tracking a person to face recognition.


Security robot for the smart house and patrolling private areas

Video surveillance robot
  • Smart patrol and continuous surveillance.
  • Detecting people within a 100m radius.
  • Facial recognition up to 50m.

Using autonomous patrol robots opens up new opportunities for companies, such as:

These companies can make their day-to-day business highly profitable, provide more services using a smaller number of personnel, and retain and then greatly increase their market share.

Patrol robots will allow these companies to increase their level of security and decrease the expenditures for guarding their premises, as well as decrease the impact of human error on sustainable business development.

These companies will gain the opportunity to collect monthly payments for maintaining the robots, offer new solutions to existing clients, and become a distributor taking advantage of special rates.


Inspection robots for oil, gas and energetics industry

Electrical substation
inspection robot

S3.2 infrared inspection electrical equipment

Automated unmanned infrared inspection electrical equipment for unattended facilities


Multi gas
detection robot

S6.2 multi gas detection robot

Air quality mobile monitoring robot with wind sensor.


Remote methane leak
detection robot

S6.2R Infrared gas leak detection robot

Automatically inspection by means infrared gas leak detection camera and multi gas detector.

The next generation of autonomous mobile robots will work on the Moon!

Manned mission to Mars will require thousands of tons of rocket fuel. It is very costly to transport fuel by rockets from Earth to space, compared to the Moon, which has six times lower gravity. It remains to gather the components of rocket fuel on the Moon and organize the fueling of the Martian expeditions in space.

The search and extraction of minerals on the Moon are inconceivable without robots. The lack of atmosphere, the effects of radiation, huge temperature changes make prolonged stay on the surface of the Moon for humans completely impractical.

At the same time, the modern development of robotics, electronics, and programming allows us to create a reliable lunar robot capable of working autonomously on the lunar surface for years.

Using accumulated over 10 years of development of autonomous ground-based robots, SMP Robotics began to create a lunar robot.

Jul 21, 2020

Lunar robot

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