Robot as a Service for:

Security robot S5.2

Business opportunity:

  • Multiple increases in profits for the security service companies
  • Turning low margin security business into a high margin business
  • Advanced (AI) artificial intelligent solutions for security tasks
  • Reduce staff costs while improving security and safety

Key Features:

  • Fully autonomous patrolling 24/7
  • AI in Swarm Intelligence for the group patrolling of large areas
  • Deep Leaning for human recognition in the cameras’ observation range
  • Obstacle Avoidance and anti-collision system
  • Panoramic Video Surveillance System with PTZ camera
  • Facial recognition up to 50 meters
  • Easy Integration with ONVIF VMS central monitor systems (such Milestone etc.)
  • Virtual monitoring systems 24/7
  • Model with Thermal Surveillance Systems
  • IP intercom and Alarm button
  • Operating in the temperature range -12° F … +112° F
  • Automatic Recharging system
  • IP 65 water and dust resistance


Thermal inspection robots for oil gas and energetics industry

Inspection robot

Thermal inspection robot - Electrical Substation inspection
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Dual-Spectrum Thermal Imaging Camera for nonstop monitoring of critical infrastructure


pipeline gas
leak detection

Gas leaks detection robot - underground_gas pipeline leak detection
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Leak Detection Robot for gas Distribution Systems. Autonomous inspection control in off road condition.


methane leak
detection robot

Remote methane leak detection robot
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Intelligent inspection control gas and oil equipment with Thermal camera and Laser spectroscopy.


Oil leak
and spill
detection robot

Oil leak and spill detection robot
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Fully automatically inspect outdoor oil equipment and pipeline sections at oil fields and oil pump stations.

Custom security robots

Security Guard Robot

Security Guard Robot
with Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)

Security Patrol Robot

Security Patrol Robot
with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems

Security Surveillance Robot

Security Surveillance Robot
with sun tracking solar power system

Robot for Autonomous Facilities

Robot for autonomous facilities
Thuraya satellite network, auto-tracking antenna

Extensions for Multi Robot applications

for security robot
Security robot shelter
Shelter from direct sun heating and sand storms
Reduces complexity of swarm
robotics deployment
Low-power MESH routers
Two bands: 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Cloud portal
Cloud portal mobile robots
Cloud-archived storage for
video and audio
Load maps even when deviating
from the route
Online facial recognition system
Automatic Charging Station
Automatic robot charging station
ACS 5 automatically – with no human participation –
charges the robot’s batteriess

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