New series 2022 security robots

Robotic guards for patrolling and security of:

Security robot S5.2

Security Robot S5.2 Key Features:

  • Fully autonomous patrolling 24/7
  • Highest level of security through the use of robots for patrolling and security guards to counteract intrusion
  • Communicate with guards using voice messages
  • Panoramic Video Surveillance System with human detection PTZ camera
  • Facial recognition up to 50 meters
  • IP intercom and Alarm button
  • Easy Integration with ONVIF VMS Genetec, Milestone, Avigilon, Macroscop etc.
  • Model with Thermal Surveillance Systems
  • Obstacle Avoidance and anti-collision system
  • Virtual monitoring systems 24/7
  • Operating temperature range -25°C … +55°C
  • Automatic Recharging system
  • IP 65 water and dust resistance


Security robot for patrolling private areas and the smart houses

Video surveillance robot
  • Detecting and tracking people within a 100m
  • Face recognition for personnel identification
  • Stream video to web browser/HTML page


Thermal surveillance robot for professional security

Thermal security robots
  • Mobile Bi spectrum PTZ video surveillance
  • Detecting people within a 200m radius
  • Robotic security patrol in complete darkness

Prompt 2021

Autonomous delivery robot with surveillance systems

Autonomous delivery robot
  • Ideal for recurring deliveries
  • Face identification of the recipient of the parcel
  • 360-degree security camera system

The introduction of Autonomous Security Robots opens up qualitatively new opportunities for all participants in the security market

SMP patrol robots improve safety and reduce regular security costs. Robots can reduce the number of guards and transfer them to remote surveillance jobs from home.

SMP robots are a fundamentally new, really working solution for the security market. Uniqueness of the solution allows private security companies to start interacting with the most important consumers of security services in their region.

SMP Robots allows IT companies and Communications Service Providers to offer robotic security services to existing customers. Moreover, security robots will independently communicate with the remaining security guards.

Security robots manufactured by SMP Robotics are used in more than 15 countries around the world.
They successfully protect Eni, Saudi Electric Company, Komatsu, Covalent Lithium, Gucci.


Inspection robots for oil, gas and energetics industry

Toxic gases analyzer and
radiation detector robot

Radiation mapping robot

Autonomous radiation-mapping and hazardous gas detector robot

Electrical equipment
thermal inspection robot

Thermal inspection robot

Fully autonomous thermal inspection of electrical equipment’s placed open air industrial facilities

Gas and oil leak
inspection robot

Gas leak detection robot

Laser methane sensor and thermal inspection camera for remote leak detection of oil and gas

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