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SMP Robotics training ACADEMY

Become an expert in Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

You are going to devote your professional life to work with SMP Robotics autonomous mobile robots and need basic training?

SMP Robotics and its partners are ready to offer three training programs:

Organization of protection of territories with SMP Robotics security robots

Training for managers of security units and companies, end-users, robot operators.
The duration of training is 1 or 3 days.

Installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of autonomous mobile robots by SMP Robotics

Training for technical specialists with basic knowledge in the field of electronics, programming, network administration.
The duration of training is 5 days.

Unmanned thermal and gas inspections of industrial enterprises and energy infrastructure facilities by inspection robots SMP Robotics

Training for specialists in the field of industrial thermography.
The duration of training is 3 days.

What benefit you will get from SMP Robotics training?

Training allows you to increase personal efficiency, to become the most in-demand in the labor market. There are very few specialists in the operation of autonomous mobile robots in all countries of the world. At the same time, it is obvious that the development of the world follows the path of total robotization.

Robot training is a guaranteed investment in business and career development

In training centers, you can quickly acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge and effectively apply it to solving real tasks. To quickly master a new skill, which will allow you to earn money for a long time. The use of Autonomous Mobile Robots in open areas is just beginning. The first person who manages to master a new profession has a high chance of becoming a recognized industry expert.

International SMP certificate for successful completion of the training course and passing the exam. The SMP Certificate is documentary confirmation of the level of knowledge and skills from the developer and market leader of Autonomous Mobile Robot. The document helps to prove your advantage in the eyes of both employers and customers.

Actual refund of money spent on personnel training when purchasing a robot

SMP Robotics provides a discount on the amount spent on the training of one employee from the company. A discount is provided for the first purchase of robots under the standard quota or a reduction in the minimum quota to two robots.

On-site training is possible at the customer’s site. In case of purchasing their robots.

SMP Robotics training program for professional education

Educational establishments can provide their students access to the practical use of mobile robots. Young specialists will receive valuable knowledge of robotics – practical, close to real conditions of use, supported by theoretical foundations of basic knowledge.

Students become more competitive in the labor market after completing full-time education. The SMP Robotics training program also benefits local and national companies that are empowered to work with a young, educated workforce.

International demand for robotics professionals

Industrialized countries experience a critical shortage of skilled technicians to work with autonomous mobile robots. The demand for such specialists is very high; this fact allows them to choose a place of work with the best conditions in any country in the world.

Robotics as an interdisciplinary industry

The modern mobile robot incorporates modern solutions in the field of electronics, programming, electro mechanics, and sensorics. The knowledge gained in any of these industries can be successfully applied in robotics and this will increase its value for both the employee and the company. This makes it possible to recommend the course of study as a second or third education.

Educational institutions can purchase robots for demonstration and training with EDU marking under special conditions *

In addition, educational institutions gain access to exclusive discounted prices for all of the company’s autonomous mobile robots, options, and accessories designed for regular use.

* Offer is valid only for educational organizations training in the course “SMP Robotics autonomous mobile robots: operation, maintenance, installation, and repair”.

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