Security robot

Security Robots

The emergence of security robots is a new milestone in the evolution of security systems—an emerging stage of technological development that brings the entire industry up to new standards of best practices expected in the profession of securing people and property. Autonomous mobile robots designed for outdoor use can reduce, and over time, completely eliminate the need for human workers to ensure the safety of large facilities. Security robots are able to provide the highest level of security at a modest cost that is much lower than the wages of hired employees.

In 2019, shipping of the new, second-generation security robots began. S5.2 series includes six models, all of which are manufactured in series and shipped within 3-4 weeks after payment.

AI in the next generation security robots

Along with a range of new solutions used in the structure of the autonomous mobile robot as well as innovative solutions for the autonomous motion control system, a built-in supercomputer is now used in robots, which enhances their intelligent video surveillance system. The supercomputer is powered by Jetson TX2 processor developed by NVidia, the leader in digital video processing.

It has phenomenal computing capacity that allows using algorithms with AI elements for image recognition and classification.

The S5.2 IS series security robots with on-board AI features can:

  • Identify people in difficult outdoor lighting conditions
  • Capture faces of people in the front-facing position
  • Recognize people and their faces using a cloud-based service
  • Track a person’s movement with a PTZ camera
  • Track thermal anomalies and people in footage received from the thermal camera

Aside from these features that are already implemented, various custom recognition solutions can also be realized — these will focus on objects (cars, bicycles) and situations (open windows and doors). The endless possibilities offered by AI in combination with deep learning algorithms make it possible to fulfill the most extreme requests within an acceptable software developed time frame.

The S5.2 series security robots are intended exclusively for professional group use. Using less than 3 robots at a single guarded facility will make no sense. Therefore, the minimum number of robots that can be ordered is 3.

Thermal video surveillance robot

Managing the patrol robot fleet

The software developed for the new series of security robots supports up to 50 robots at a single facility. The group operation mode allows switching patrol routes to ensure the entire territory is video surveilled uninterruptedly. On top of that, the sequence in which the robots leave the route to charge their batteries is also controlled. The robots perform their functions in accordance with a set schedule.

The new security robot series includes four models:


The “IS” index indicates that the security robot has a video analytics system on board. Detailed technical information about each model of security robots is available upon request.



SMP Robotics security robot

All security robots supplied by SMP Robotics are panoramic video surveillance systems installed on the platforms of autonomous mobile robots. Thanks to an automatic guidance system, the robot is capable of doing its rounds of secured premises completely independently. Depending on the tasks to be performed, security robots can be equipped with additional devices, starting with PTZ cameras and ending with non-lethal weapons.

WiFi technology is used to control the security robot’s work of performing remote video surveillance from its current location. The robot’s video footage, the condition of the robot’s systems, and its location on site are all displayed on a dashboard viewable from a laptop or central monitoring station. The smooth operation of wireless network at large facilities is achieved through the use of MESH technology, which uses the security robots as relay stations.

Increased safety through the use of robots

Replacement of costly human resources with security robots

unmanned security robotsSome of the security officers guarding a facility can be effectively substituted with security robots. Robots are capable of continuously patrolling the premises of a facility. Unlike people, they do not become tired, nor do they require time to rest. The scorching sun or nighttime cold does not cause them any discomfort. The most effective way to cut costs encountered from providing security services is by taking advantage of uninterrupted, round-the-clock, robotic security duty operation, which is substantially lower than the hourly wages of human personnel. Joint cooperation between mobile security guard robots and security officers allows for efficiently allocating human resources only in critical situations, rather than incurring the expense and burden of managing security officers to conduct routine patrols. The robotization of patrol forces is especially effective at large facilities, where traditionally, a considerable number of human guard personnel is required to be on duty.

Unmanned security

Using different types of robots to guard facilities allows for the creation of uniquely customized unmanned security systems. A system based on security robots can work independently throughout the facility, capture video footage, detect danger in the most remote parts of the site, and transmit information about what is happening back to the remote central monitoring station. Given this setup, the presence of security officers is required only in case of a threat that the security guard robots equipped with non-lethal weapons are not able to neutralize. An unmanned security system does not require spreading limited human resources around multiple security posts or facilities. Security officers can be concentrated in mobile rapid response teams that will always have a numerical advantage in the event of a serious incident. Additionally, robotic security systems have obvious advantages when it comes to guarding areas in the desert or under other harsh climatic conditions, as well as patrolling dangerous, contaminated landfills.

Upgrade of perimeter security systems

Increasing terrorist threats compel organizations to modernize existing security systems in order to increase their reliability. The best way to confront the challenges of the new reality is by retrofitting stationary security systems with mobile robots. Their use can improve facility safety without additional staff, and therefore, without increasing fixed expenses. Security robots give a new dimension of quality to traditional security systems and provide active resistance to intrusions. Robots equipped with non-lethal weapons are capable of physically countering threats to security without the presence of a security officer at the protected site. Security robots are easily integrated into any modern security system that requires video surveillance, while additional functions can also be performed, be it the detection of gas leaks or reading and documenting vehicle license plates.Mobile security systems

Security robot models

Security Guard Robot

The S5g security guard robot

can physically impact trespassers by using a long-range acoustic device. Given the directional effect of the acoustic non-lethal weapons deployed on a security robot, it is able to prevent potential intrusion from distant approaches to the protected site. If the protected area is penetrated, the S5g security guard robot creates intolerable conditions for the intruder, thwarting any illegal activities.

Security Patrol Robot

The S5 security patrol robot

patrols routes used by security officers. Patrolling can be done along the perimeter fence or directly around the site area. Thanks to an autonomos guidance system, the robot is capable of independently taking detours around obstacles and choosing optimal routes. When stationary alarm sensors are triggered, the security robot is able to automatically change its route and travel to the place where the alarm was raised.

Manufacturing plants and warehouses
Manufacturing plants and warehouses
Parking lots
Parking lots

Security Surveillance Robot

The S5s security surveillance robot

makes it possible to carry out video surveillance of the secured territory from various positions that periodically change. To charge the robot’s batteries and ensure the uninterrupted remote monitoring with video recording, this robot is equipped with solar panels. In areas with many sunny days, the electric energy from the panels sufficiently compensates for the energy expended by the mobile robot as it moves between surveillance positions.

Seacoast and beach patrols
Seacoast and beach patrols
Data centers
Data centers
Resorts, golf courses
Resorts, golf courses

Security surveillance robots with expanded capabilities

ALPR robot

The S5 ALPR mobile robot

is equipped with a vehicle license plate recognition system. The robot is able to patrol parking lots and transmit license plate numbers of onsite vehicles while on the move.

Flame detection robot

The S5 FSD mobile robot

is able to detect smoke and flames by scanning the surrounding area. The robot is equipped with a multispectrum flame detector and a smoke detector.

Gas monitoring robot

The S5 GD mobile robot

can analyze the concentration of substances in the atmosphere. This robot can compensate for the wind and also take measurements on the leeward side of an object.

New business trends in the security services market

Renting and leasing mobile robots

Trading companies specializing in the distribution of security systems can expand their product range and offer additional services that provide a steady income. In contrast to sales, leasing security robots is not seasonal, and there is no constant competition from cheaper products. The economic feasibility of using robots for security purposes ensures continuously growing demand for their lease or rental and continued maintenance.

Providing robotic services

Expand your company’s presence in the security services market by offering robotic security systems. The cost of required services for end-line consumers will be significantly lower than any other proposals under their consideration, and the security company’s profit will be greater compared to using hired human personnel. Leasing can help reduce the initial costs associated with security robots. Companies that are the first to offer robotic security services in their areas will have an undeniable advantage over their competitors.

The distribution and technical servicing of outdoor security robots

Companies that specialize in the installation and maintenance of security systems can create a center for the distribution and servicing of security robots while incurring minimal costs. Robot distribution implies a range of services focused on local customers that are located in the vicinity of the dealer. Promoting robots begins with training potential users and continues throughout the entire life cycle of the security robot.

A step toward taking advantage of new opportunities

Buying a security robot from a distributor

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Becoming a security robot distributor

Are you aware of the prospects for the robotics and want to be the first company to offer autonomous mobile robots in your area?
Please contact us and we will discuss a plan for collaboration, outline options for joint development, and sign a contract for the distribution of security robots to build a business together.

Training in mobile robots for security systems

Do you want to understand the technical aspects of using robots?
We will teach you how to service robots, install them at the facility, and carry out maintenance work. You just need to select the program and training location, and our experts make sure that you comfortably understand every aspect of the sustainably successful business that you are investing in.

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