Commercial robots training

According to forecasts made by leading specialists in the field of economics, the number of jobs related to operating machinery and transportation will decrease sharply in coming years, due to the wide-scale growth of the robotics industry. At the same time, the need for technical specialists who can program and maintain outdoor robotic devices will grow rapidly.

Now is the time to become an expert in commercial robots. All you need to do is take training sessions organized by SMP Robotics and its partners. Training end users and operators on using the robots is carried out by SMP Robotics distributors. SMP Robotics engineers provide direct training on issues concerning the programming of complex routes, diagnostics, and repairing manufactured equipment. The training system is composed of five levels. The initial levels address the guidelines for the robot’s operation and daily maintenance. The intermediate levels cover travel routes programming and monthly maintenance. The fourth level teaches how to troubleshoot technical problems. The fifth and final highest level is focused on hardware and firmware upgrades.

For educational and training purposes, you can purchase an S5 based training robot, at a special price.

Basic training for potential SMP Robotics partners and distributors covers the answers to the following questions:

How can I
make money using autonomous mobile robots?
How do I
program a reliable route for a robot?
How do I
submit a request for additional robot modes or functions?
How do I
maintain, repair, or upgrade a robot?

The overall time duration of the course is 24 hours.

Training for technical personnel includes a theoretical part and a practical part, both covering the installation of autonomous mobile robots at a variety of sites. Each consecutive course includes information from the previous course. The training program has an introductory part and three stages – the first training stage is for operations personnel, the second is for installation specialists, and the third is for support and service professionals.

The introductory portion that demonstrates the potential of autonomous mobile robots. Training on the fundamentals of operation, safety rules, and daily maintenance of autonomous robots. Training on programming travel routes for mobile robots. Training on technical maintenance, calibrating the sensors, diagnostics, and repair.
2 hours 8 hours 24 hours 40 hours