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For Customers

Currently, only S5 series security robots are available. Robots of the other series are currently being built to meet order specifications.

You can order security robots from our dealers. They will assemble the robot onsite and ensure its seamless operation. Currently, in terms of cost efficiency, it is best to place the robots on large facilities where five or more of them will be used.

For Dealers

This year, SMP Robotics offers special terms to our dealers. If you believe you are able to provide good customer service and qualified technical support to customers purchasing security robots, and your facilities are in immediate proximity to locations where they can operate, we invite you to become our partner.

For Technology Partners

SMP Robotics is seeking technology partnerships aimed at creating new models of robots on the basis of the autonomous unmanned ground vehicle we have developed. The autonomous guidance technology developed by SMP Robotics is perfect for low-speed, small-sized vehicles. The autonomous guidance system is affordable and can be successfully used in a wide range of products: from outdoor toys to self-balanced mobile scooters.

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