International presence of SMP Robotics

International presence of SMP Robotics

For the end users of security robots

If there is an SMP Robotics Systems Corp. distributor operating in your country, you can place an order through them. If there are no distributors, and the area that you want to be patrolled with robots is fairly large, you can buy robots directly from SMP Robotics Systems Corp. The company’s specialists will install the robots on a turnkey basis. The minimum number of security robots supplied by SMP Robotics Systems Corp. to end consumers is 5. In the future, the company will provide a round-the-clock, remote robot performance monitoring service, and will advise your technical staff about the robots’ maintenance features.
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For new security robot distributors

If you want to offer security patrol services to your existing and new customers, you should buy at least three robots. SMP Robotics Systems Corp. specialists will provide training for your employees at the facility of your choice, and install equipment on it together with your specialists. Further on, your technical staff will be able to install the robots and maintain them without any assistance. Repeat buyers become eligible for a cumulative distributor discount and 24/7 technical support service.
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For inspection robot users

If you want to start using inspection robots, send a brief description of the equipment you need to be inspected and a photo of the place where it is located, and indicate the frequency of inspection required. A specialist from SMP Robotics Systems Corp head office will send you a prototype description and estimate the cost of developing additional software. If the price suits you, we will create a design specification together and sign a contract to develop an OEM inspection robot. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a prototype so that you can start testing operations.

SMP Robotics Systems Corp. head office

We are looking for new partners to promote mobile robots in local markets. With the advent of mobile robots, a new profit segment is emerging, opening up tremendous opportunities for business creation and exponential growth.

Our partnership may involve direct sales, service and support or leasing, or discovering new, economically viable applications for mobile robots.