Robots on Bird Control Service

Birds make a significant negative impact on the economy by destroying crops, polluting property and transmitting dangerous diseases. Modern bird deterrent systems are complex and include visual deterrents, netting, hazers, ultrasonic bird scarers, even ultra-modern laser devices but they can’t fully solve the problem. Unfortunately such systems have limited and coverage and birds know how to avoid those most popular scaring devices.

To create a reliable protection for large lots you have to invest a fortune in several protecting devices and time to move them around.

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S4 bird control robot

SMP Robotics in cooperation with Flock Free Bird Control proud to introduce the extremely effective high-tech solutions for bird control – the fleet of SMP S4 Bird Control robots.

These unique robots will move autonomously without any supervision along your property efficiently scaring birds everywhere:

  • The S4-L Laser System uses ultra-high-tech laser imitating an approach of small animal to birds.
  • The S4-G Propane Cannon System generates a loud direct sound to scare birds.
  • The S4-S Ultrasonic System contains of the Bio-acoustic and Ultrasonic equipment imitates sounds of natural predators. Birds recognize the ultrasonic sound as a source of danger.
  • The S4-H Hazing System creates an invisible haze made of FDA-approved flavoring additive. It irritates birds’ trigeminus, get them disoriented and scared.

The world-unique state-of-the-art SMP Robotics’ S4 robots deliver bird deterrents to all parts of your property providing with the protection against birds exactly when and where you need it. This increases the coverage of each device in tens and hundreds times!

If robots meet any obstacle, like a car or a human, they automatically move over and continue running along the route set.

All robots are weather-proof and can work day and night all year around without any supervision. You just easily set a route for robots, push a button, and your robot begins to do its job – protecting your property from birds. All changes in a robot’s route can be made in seconds!

The robots are available for test rides right away at the showroom of Flock Free Bird Control in Lakewood, NJ.
Meet the world-unique famous SMP Robotics S4 robots and get to know how robots can solve your bird control problems!