New Security Surveillance Robot of SMP Robotics is Performing Final Pre-Market Tests in New Jersey

Press release
Lakewood, NJ
August 25, 2016

S5 Security robot

The new S5 Security Surveillance Robot made by SMP Robotics has arrived to New Jersey few days ago. This robot will perform a long testing run at the location of the distributor of SMP Robotics – Flock Free Bird Control.

During the final pre-market testing the world-unique robot designed for outdoor security surveillance use shall demonstrate its ability to move on various types of surface and capture objects with its built-in cameras, transmit the picture to a security guard post.

At day and nighttime, in all weather conditions, the security robot shall perform its duties, moving from one observation point to the following ones and provide security officers with a sharp 360 degrees online video stream. All year around, with only short breaks for charging, this silent, fast and powerful guard will follow its patrolling route protecting the property from unwanted intruders.

The tests will insure the quality control and help SMP Robotics to find the best ways to meet requirements for customers from the different industries.

The unique robot will also participate in various demonstrations and training sessions available for current and prospect customers of SMP Robotics and Flock Free.

Please schedule your appointment in Lakewood, New Jersey, to welcome the future of robotics today!

SMP Robotics is an international hi-tech engineering company developing and manufacturing various robotized systems such as outdoor robotized autonomous platforms and automated devices for security surveillance.

Flock Free Bird Control designs and manufactures systems and solutions for bird, mosquito and rodent control. Engineers of Flock Free also provide full technical support of SMP Robotics’ products in the United States.

The S5 Security Surveillance Robot is the part of S-series product line designed by SMP Robotics. It combines a state-of-the-art robotized autonomous moving platform with the one of the most modern and effective CCTV surveillance system installed on the robot. Other robots of S-series are designed for bird and mosquito control, gas leaks detection and other purposes.

For further information please contact

SMP Robotics 415 572 2316
Flock Free Bird Control / Make Em Move Manufacturing LLC 732 987 5400