New Robots of SMP Robotics Have Just Arrived to distributor in New Jersey !

Press release
San Francisco, CA
Lakewood, NJ
September 1, 2016

S8 S5 S4 robots

Two new robots by SMP Robotics have just arrived to the Flock Free Bird Control distributor’s facility in Lakewood, NJ.

The newcomers: S4 robot with a Bird Deterrent System and S8 robot with a hi-tech Mosquito Trap will make a nice addition to the earlier available S5 Video Surveillance robot.

The S5 Video Surveillance robot is a perfect amendment to security systems of factories, warehouses, parking lots and others large territories.

The S4 Bird Control robot uses the most effective bird deterrent systems in the world to protect farms, airports, resorts, etc., from unwanted visits of birds’ flocks.

The S8 is a Mosquito Trap robot and ideal for protection of resorts, golf courses and country clubs from annoying insects. Mosquitos are known for transmitting many deadly diseases, including Zika fever. It makes the S8 robot to be the efficient savior in the field.

These robots will form a local base of SMP Robotics’ training and demonstration fleet. You can meet and become friends with them during the demonstration sessions or training classes for robot operators. It sounds like a sci-fi, but it is reality and it is already available!

The robots will also face various tests in different, sometimes very tough, conditions. SMP Robotics will make sure that robots you purchase and use at your property will be able to satisfy all your business needs under any circumstances.

SMP Robotics is a high-tech company developing and manufacturing autonomously moving platforms applicable for various business areas where a long work without a supervision is required.

Flock Free Bird Control Company is the industry specialist with a long and successful track in bird control and mosquito control systems. The company develops high-tech bird control systems and proudly serves for years to many large customers, like Home Depot or Barnes & Nobles all around the United States and Canada.

Welcome to Lakewood, New Jersey, to meet the future today!

For further information please contact

SMP Robotics 415 572 2316
Flock Free Bird Control / Make Em Move Manufacturing LLC 732 987 5400