The Robots are going to Work!

Shifting Security resources to higher leverage activities will put more focus on deterring the crime before it happens.


Imagine a Robot autonomously patrolling the route of a 3rd shift security guard at a chemical plant or power plant…with alerts captured from the robot surveillance cameras being viewed by Security at an active command center.

This was quite the hot topic of conversation at ASIS 2016 in Orlando, FL!

With over 300 barcode leads recorded, the SMP distributors enthusiastically fielded questions related to how the SMP robot handles inclines, speed bumps, inclement weather, invisible fences, and battery life, as well as augments existing security patrol and integrates with existing security cameras.

Innovative ideas were also energetically exchanged. “What if you tethered a drone to the autonomous platform?”

The resounding answer from the team was “Yes, let’s collaborate and customize a best-in-class security solution for your organization.”

Immediately seeing the game changing impact the SMP autonomous S-Series robot will have on its customers, Mavericks Security, out of NJ, has signed on to be a Dealer.

Laz Carrera, President of Maverick Security Solutions, is looking forward to introducing this higher capability, lower cost solution first quarter 2017. The system integration provided by WeSECURE Robotics will be an essential component ensuring the guards have a single view on the active alerts the SMP robot is generating, and ties into the existing camera investment Mavericks has made with ViSentry, intelligent video monitoring solution.


The SMP Distribution Team looks forward to continuing the conversation on how to blend the Outdoor S-Series into your security strategy in 2017. At the Unmanned Security Expo there will be a dedicated area for demoing even more Robot autonomous capabilities, as well as see how the intelligence captured is displayed on the dashboard view. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!