SMP Robotics is a premier vendor in the security robots market

Technavio logoBased on the recently submitted Global Surveillance Robots Market 2017-2021 research SMP Robotics is a key vendor on the outdoor security robots market.

This research covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global surveillance robots market for 2017–2021. The report had been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with the assistance of industry experts. It presents a detailed picture of the market by way of study, synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources.

The author of report, Technavio, identifies five key vendors in the security robots market by the types of products they manufacture:

  • ATLAS ELEKTRONIK — unmanned, underwater, and surface vehicles
  • EOS Innovation — small-sized, indoor robots
  • Northrop Grumman — remote-controlled and autonomous outdoor robots for military and special services
  • Endeavor Robotics — remote-controlled robots for military and special services
  • SMP Robotics — autonomous mobile robots for outdoor commercial application

SMP Robotics is a key supplier for outdoor security robots

SMP Robotics is an advanced security technology company with over ten years of experience in developing robotics, from the drawing board to the final product. SMP is included in Technavio’s researched list of vendors due to the following:

  • highly intelligent autonomous navigation algorithms
  • flexible to integration platforms
  • skills and technologies for mass production of robots
  • extensive distribution network around the world

Advanced S5 security robots for video surveillance systems

S5 series autonomous security robots include a flexible platform that allows customers to embed patrolling robots into existing video surveillance systems. Platform users can monitor and observe their robots remotely from anywhere in the world through 4G or LTE cellular networks. The robots have already been integrated into many existing video management systems by key players in the video surveillance market.

A highly intelligent motion control system allows users to control a group of robots. Robots can respond to the triggering of external sensors and move to the point of operation, while the other robots belonging to the group are evenly distributed along the route.

Serial manufacturing allows super competitive prices. The cost of using SMP Robotics’ security robots is 3–4 times lower than the cost of regular guards, which allows our partners and investors to quickly return and multiply their investments.

All of the above properties allow our company to represent the leading solution in the security robots market and move into the category of top-rated robot manufacturers. SMP Robotics team is proud to be featured in the list of premier world robotics companies.

Do not miss your opportunity to become a player in a new, multibillion-dollar growing global marketplace for security robotics; you are welcome to become one of our technological partners or distributors.

Advanced S5 Security robots

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