Coronavirus Disinfection Robot S8.2

The epidemic of the coronavirus has changed the lives of countries and people. To reduce the risk of infection spread and to lower the burden on the healthcare system and most important to save human lives, SMP Robotics is launching a new model of robots that would assist to disinfect open spaces, public areas or any large facilities.

The new S8.2 Robot is equipped with Thermal Fogging Machine and is specifically designed to be an effective solution in disinfecting contaminated areas. The generated steam transfers the sterilizing solution in the form of a hot aerosol. Once it comes into contact with any surface having a temperature below its own temperature, the sanitizing compound precipitates.

This method of disinfection is widely used in urban and agricultural sectors due to the high efficiency of processing complex surfaces and the low-cost of disinfectant chemicals. The intake of sanitizing solution allows the robot to keep sterilizing for about 3-4 hours on a route with the proximity of 10 miles. The capturing area of the disinfection zone depends on the direction and strength of the wind and can exceed 30 feet. The sterilized surface area is automatically calculated by the special sensor installed on the robot. It accumulates and processes incoming data of the sprayed footage taking into consideration the wind speed and its direction. A specially developed smartphone application is used to display the decontaminated area on the map for easy monitoring and control.

Regular disinfection of areas, factories and transportation companies with an autonomous robot

Disinfection robots are absolutely essential for performing regular disinfection in closed areas such as public transport facilities, parking areas, industrial loading, and unloading docks, as well as hospitals or other supposedly contaminated zones.

Disinfection spraying robots

SMP Robotics S8.2 Disinfection Robot is fully autonomous; it performs sanitizing in automatic mode while monitoring the level of the sprayed compound, coverage area, and battery life. Right after the disinfecting chemical mixture is distributed, the robot immediately returns to the charging station where the refill solution is added. At the same time, the batteries are charged to their full capacity.

This method of application allows a single operator to service several robots simultaneously and to disinfect large areas efficiently. Most important, the technical staff does not expose itself to prolonged exposure of highly concentrated chemicals while working in entirely safe and risk-free environment.

It is noteworthy to emphasize that the S8.2 Disinfection Robot is a simplified version of the security robot. It is completely built on a shared robot platform and equipped with the latest technological hardware and software solutions. SMP Robotics performed numerous timely tests in different environments, settings and weather conditions resulting in only one outcome that this robot to be a proven, essential and cost-effective solution.

Coronavirus disinfection robot
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