Robots prevent the spread of coronavirus

Ai Distribution the leading technology company here in the USA providing robotic security service and integration.

Ai Distribution is located in the greater Orange County region of Southern California having branches throughout the country. The company’s management team has extensive experience in providing traditional security services and now has moved into combining robotics with security centers. In 2019, they decided to create a specialized company to deliver state of the art security solutions. This was facilitated by the excellent technical experience of the team members and in-depth knowledge of the challenges and security issues that large corporations face on a daily basis. Using the simple leasing program, Ai Distribution acquired and commissioned robots manufactured by SMP Robotics to effectively solve the security problems faced in today’s landscape.

Protection of autonomous robots has proven themselves in the context of a global pandemic of the Coronavirus with the strict quarantine measures of humans.

Protection by robots allows you not to endanger the life of patrolling security guards. The robots quickly increase the company’s ability to provide security services in the face of an insufficient and unstable performance of contracted people. In addition, the use of robots increase the profitability of the security provider while improving the quality of services for the client. Security robots are equipped with intelligent security system based deep learning algorithms can make decisions using elements of artificial intelligence. Robots combine high autonomy and the ability to work by themselves or in groups to manage and patrol large areas. Both the SMP Picard and Prompt models equipped with intelligent video surveillance systems capable detect if people wearing face masks. The flagship model named the Argus uses the thermal camera solutions.