SMP Robotics S5.1 Robot Deployed at Logistic Center to Enhance Security and Intelligent Monitoring

SMP Robotics is pleased to announce that jointly with its US-Canada Master distributor company Robotics Assistance Device (RAD), carried out an deployment of autonomous security robot S5.1 on the territory of the logistics center in Nevada.

The security robot S5.1 patrols the route along the warehouses and parking lot with cargo trailers. The robot drives daily from 9 pm to 6 am, its task is to stop at specified points along the route route and observe what is happening around. The length of the patrolled route is about 2 kilometers. The purpose of the S5.1 robot guard is to be “remote eyes” of the security team, robot allows personel to see in real time who is moving around the parking lot. In case of detection of unauthorized vehicles or people, the guards immediately go to intruder from their security office.

Trailer parking is a dynamically changing environment in which the surrounding objects often change. However, thanks to an advanced self-learning visual navigation system, the robot successfully travels along the route without external intervention.

Autonomous security robot in Nevada

SMP Robotics S5.1 Robot Deployed at Logistic Center

Intelligent SMP Robotics S5 series UGV for autonomous patrolling of large perimeters in harsh weather conditions

An important feature of this implementation is the cold climate on the terrain, at night the temperatures fall below 0 °C, however, the robot perfectly copes with its task and patrols the territory all the time.

RAD is engaged in the service and customization of SMP Robotics robots for specific applications. RAD intergrated the robot into the customers existing security system of the and added algorithms of artificial intelligence for automatic detection of violators in the field of view of robots.

The use of SMP Robotics S5 Security Robots and human personnel allows to optimize security tasks and bring security to a new level. SMP Robotics expanding its world-wide distributor’s network, you are welcome to become one of them.