Commercial Robot Distribution and Service

Selling autonomous mobile robots is impossible without ongoing technical support. The lower the technical qualifications of the end user, the more operation-related questions they will have. At the current stage of technical development, the optimal solution seems to be pre-sales training in the basics of commercial robot operation. Just as a future driver sits for a driving test, so must the future owner of an autonomous ground vehicle know the rules for its operation.

Local distribution of commercial robots

Distribution of commercial robots is more than sales; this activity involves offering a whole array of services that establish long-term, mutually beneficial relations between the seller and the customer. A number of questions about robot operation may require the physical presence of the distributor’s technical expert at the operation site. Therefore, the seller needs to be located in close proximity to the buyer. Only a local distributor located in direct proximity to the end user can ensure convenient and quick service for the customer. This is a significant advantage our local distributors have over global trading companies.

Additional services necessary for the seamless operation of the robot at the client’s site will provide additional revenue for the distributor alongside an attractive distributor discount from the manufacturer.

Robot operation training and technical support

Both training and technical support for the robots’ operation should be kept in-sync. The quality of the training of operational personnel or the robot owner is a key factor in the time spent on subsequent technical support. The better you have trained the customers, the fewer questions they will have during operation.

Technical support methods for operation and installation (when robot learns the route) should be distinguished from each other. Remote consulting via email or telephone will suffice for the former task in the majority of cases. But during installation, the technical experts may need to travel to the owner’s site.

SMP Robotics engineers take every effort to make the installation process accessible and simple. However, involving an experienced expert helps lay a reliable and the least resource-hungry travel route for the robot. Therefore, it is fair and mutually beneficial to make an installation expert’s visit into a paid service.

Technical maintenance and upgrade of commercial robots

Autonomous mobile robots are modern and reliable appliances; however, as with any mechanical vehicle, they require regular technical maintenance and replacement of worn-out parts. Technical maintenance over the course of the robot’s working life can be performed without recalling it to the distributor’s service center. The exception is when parts need to be replaced or upgrades performed.

The commercial-purpose autonomous mobile robots are continually being improved. SMP Robotics, the developer and supplier of robots, releases regular software updates. These updates drive productivity, and consequently, commercial viability. Robot update costs will be quickly offset through the increased speed of work, reduced energy consumption, and increased time periods of autonomous work.

SoC (system on a chip) performance improves with each passing year. Occasional hardware upgrades are recommended as a significant boost of a robot’s application properties and performance. A qualified expert from the technical maintenance center can perform movement control module upgrades and all related operations.

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