Provision of commercial services
performed by mobile robots

Robots manufactured by SMP Robotics are affordably priced to substitute them for effectively completing daily work performed by humans. Thanks to careful planning and design simplicity, the company’s robots can become a significantly cost-reducing part of your workforce. The solutions used in the creation of the commercial robots’ basic model are highly reliable and suitable for continuous, long-term operation.

Reducing the costs associated with the robotic automation of manual labor and commercializing the use of robots

Companies that provide services using hired personnel can significantly reduce their costs by replacing their staff with robots. The different models of commercial robots presented in the Products section are able to perform a wide range of work in automatic mode. Particularly appealing is the use of multiple robots at a single large facility. Under this scenario, the cost of maintaining the robots goes down proportionally to the number of robots used.

The quality of work performed by the robots is consistent throughout the day. That level of work, in turn, is determined by the quality of training given to the robot by the operator. A work program created for one robot can be easily transferred to other autonomous robots. These properties markedly distinguish the robots’ work from that performed by hired personnel, who require training, long periods of rests between work shifts, and regular monitoring.

Round-the-clock robotic services

The cost of work performed by the robot does not depend on the time of day or the day of the week. It is consistent on weekdays, weekends, and holidays. This is an important competitive advantage when considering the cost of services provided. It allows the process of organizing commercial services to run uninterruptedly with no additional expenses.

The best performance of robots is achieved when they are used continuously, 24/7. The currently accepted work mode of hiring personnel requires the organization of shifts with varying work times off of differently skilled individuals. Managing all of this activity mandates an increase of the number of staff required, which directly leads to significant increases in costs and payroll expenses.

Moreover, human performance at night is characterized by increased exhaustion and decreased quality. For a robot designed to operate during the nighttime, there are no factors that lower the quality of its work outcomes.

Performing tasks that require personal protective equipment

There are a number of tasks that require people to wear personal protective equipment in order to perform their work safely. Having autonomous mobile robots do these types of work not only decreases expense, but more importantly, permits human personnel to preserve their health and safety.

Any excess of hazardous substances in the atmosphere can be harmful to human beings, and any negligence during the use of respiratory equipment or protective suit use and care can lead to disastrous consequences. The best way to avoid this is to use robots for unsafe tasks and for tasks performed in unsafe environments.

Energy-efficient and autonomous commercial robots

Mobile robots manufactured by SMP Robotics use electric drives powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, which allows for low operating expenses. The capacities of modern batteries are sufficient for long operation of the robots without recharging.

Using local renewable energy sources to charge the batteries minimizes dependence on the existing energy infrastructure. Modern solar panels allow the robots to operate far from civilization, in areas without access to the electric power grid. Energy cost savings are especially advantageous when the robots operate through the night and charge from stationary solar panels in the daytime.