License for Production of Security Robots

A security robot is a high-profitability product with huge growth prospects of the sales market. It makes the foundation for business of service companies that use the Robot as a Service (RaaS) model. However, a robot is quite easy to produce, it applies the widespread processes. Custom metal and plastic parts for robot assembly are convenient to order from dedicated manufacturers. Their cost is not prevalent in the robot’s price.

Engineering solutions ensure at least threefold profitability in serial production. Hardware solutions stand out for their simplicity and completeness. Software guarantees the robot operational reliability and enables flexible development of the product. The current security robot model will be a perfect start in further development of outdoor robots for various applications.

Production License and Expansion of Security Robots Consumer Market

While evaluating the market potential and its explosive growth due to a drastic reduction in robot prices, SMP Robotics opted for selling a security robot serial production license. Our company is seeking partnership to a serial production facility in Southeast Asia. Having handed over the hardware production to a reliable partner, we intend to focus on software improvement and upgrading embedded computers used in robots.

License Agreement Implies Regular Software Upgrades in its Further Improvement by SMP Robotics

Refining the front end software solution will enable to lower the requirements to installer skills, enhance the quality of routing and travel reliability. All of that may cause a rise in the number of security robot users. In the next five years, the security robot market capacity will amount to a few hundred thousand items, many independent sources maintain.

Moreover, a security robot is an electromechanical device in continuous operation, so its service life is limited. Natural deterioration of the robot park due to tear and wear is a source of guaranteed demand and production program.

Investment in Software Development for Multiple Mobile Robot Systems and AI

SMP Robotics has gained vast experience in order to create software for multiple mobile robot systems. This new software solution will enable to merge groups of robots for various applications, including security. It will allow mobile robots interaction with the Internet of Things (IoT). Eventually, this will lead to emergence of artificial intelligence in the mobile robot environment. Mobility of robots will permit them to learn in a real physical environment (world), make errors and show adaptivity to remedy such. In the end, multiple mobile robot systems will become fully autonomous and independent of the installer.

SMP Robotics is opening up for investment to accomplish these plans and preserve its dominant position in the global mobile robot market.

S5.2 Security Robot Licensed Series

At the start of 2019, we launched pilot production of the S5.2 security robots. We performed testing and 10+ robots are now in continuous operation. By mid-year, certification will be accomplished to meet several national standards.

The robot structure comprises an aluminum chassis manufactured by bending and welding of aluminum sheets. A fiberglass body is fixed to the chassis. Some plastic parts are made by 3D printing. The onboard electronics is made up by 24 PCBs, including 7 multilayer ones. We use CPUs from the following manufacturers: i.MX6, NXP Semiconductors; Zynq-7000, Xilinx; F28M35 Concerto, Texas Instruments; Jetson TX2, NVidia. The robot uses serial items from other manufacturers: CCTV cameras, communications equipment and electric drives. BOMs are submitted after prepayment.

The robot production license includes the documentation to produce optional equipment. The equipment is required for robot autonomous operation and includes an automatic charging station and a GPS base station.

SMP Robotics is open to technological cooperation and guarantees the best service to its future partner.

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