Strategic investment in robotics technology



Dear Investor,

We highly value your interest in our project.

By the end of 2017, upon reaching a range of goals related to creating a global business infrastructure, SMP Robotics will be offering attractive terms for financial investors.

As our company is growing successfully, we are interested in expediting that growth by developing relationships with partners who have the potential to invest. We aim to form a network of local distributors and create new product models to meet growing utility challenges. Investment will allow us to introduce existing robot models into the local markets of various countries, thereby opening the doors to continued growth with a strong level of sustainability.

Investment in the creation of distribution and training centers

Customers as partners of SMP Robotics that deliver training, sell products, and provide technical service support are granted the status of official dealers. Investing into training for these customers, along with providing continued robotic services, creates customer loyalty while allowing for a rapid return on investment.

If an SMP dealer is committed to expanding its presence in local markets by expanding both its own network of partners and services offered, then SMP Robotics confers exclusivity to the dealer. The lack of competition in the dealer’s local market for such robotic services, and a model of business evolving at breakneck speed, means that we can count on a manifold increase of investments in distributor network creation.

Investment in a joint project to quickly design new robot models

The robot models presented on our website cover only a small fraction of the possible applications for autonomous mobile robots. There is definitely room for new robot models. Their introduction will drastically reduce the cost of tasks performed and services provided. If you are aware of such applications and are willing to invest in the creation of a new robot model, SMP Robotics is ready to create it.

The prices and schedules are extremely attractive, given that the robot model that will be the basis for new models already exists and is commercially available. Upon receiving a new robot model, the investor can sell it via SMP Robotics’ distribution channels as well as through their own connections. This is particularly relevant to the transportation of complex equipment when the manufacturer already has a community of professional users and its own distribution network.

Strategic investment in the design of a new generation of robots

SMP Robotics is interested in speeding up the design of a new generation of robots that can operate in extreme conditions, although commercial potential is limited for the next two to three years. We are also interested in partnerships with strategic investors for the joint development of guidance systems that integrate elements of artificial intelligence and group behavior.

SMP Robotics has its own engineering school and is seeing an influx of qualified personnel who can address the most ambitious challenges. In the near future, humanity will need thousands of robots that can operate in special conditions and in places inaccessible to people – starting with the South Pole, moving all the way across the globe, and ending with other planets in our solar system. Investment in the future of humanity as a growing and sustainable business proposition – what could be more attractive than this?


Leo Ryzhenko
CEO, SMP Robotics Services Corp.