First security robots in Europe

The market leader in the installation of security systems in Italy, the company E.C.I. Elettronica unveiled SMP Robotics security robots at Sicurezza 2019, Milan, Italy.

Exhibition visitors have shown a phenomenally high interest in the use of robots in EU countries.

Despite the lull in the security market, the prospects for the implementation of security robots are encouraging. Their use reduces the number of security officers with a significant increase in the reliability of security overall. This has become possible only in recent years thanks to the development of intelligent video surveillance systems using Deep Learning algorithms.

Robotic security is a necessary part of the modern European security system.

Extensive experience in integrating various security systems and CCTV by the Italian company E.C.I. Elettronica allows you to guarantee the reliable use of security robots. Especially demand the use of robotic guards on uninhabited or rarely visited by people within the European enterprises. Continuous patrolling of robots is ensured by the group operation mode and automatic charging stations. It is also important that robots are easily integrated into the existing security system and are able to change the patrol route according to an alarm signal from it.